About us

After years of success seeding multiple ventures as a team, Cometseed brings formal structure to a close private network of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, branding specialists, corporate finance professionals and tech engineers.

We are expanding our contribution by institutionalising our experience, developing intellectual property to propel our venture creation model, solidifying  strategic partnerships, and accepting new equity partners.

Day to day operations are executed by Limont Lehman and Howard Moodycliffe.

Limont Lehman

Experienced entrepreneur, senior executive and investor with a knack for bringing abstract concepts to life.

A multidisciplinary, hugely curious, organisational polymath.

Howard Mooodycliffe

20 years’ international experience in senior marketing roles across large corporates & fast-growth companies.

Co-founder in 4 ventures.

Latecomer to the magic of bodyboarding.

More about us

After years of success igniting great businesses as an informal private network of entrepreneurs, investors and technologists, Cometseed brings together the best of these alliances and insights…

Who we are

General contacts

Tel. +27 21 813 6417



Operating out of Cape Town and London


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