What we do

We generate, source, refine and validate great ideas. We create ventures and set them for growth. We own and guide. We don’t buy, or operate.

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Why we do it

We’re passionate about creating value through entrepreneurship, and…Statistics show that fully validated ventures require specialist growth teams to succeed. 

42% of startups fail due to poor market fit (poorly validated), and 4 out of 5 founders are ultimately forced by investors to step aside for growth (wrong skill set).

Who we are

A collaboration of smart and experienced entrepreneurs, conceptual creatives, adventurous executives, marketing experts, corporate finance gurus, investors and tech enthusiasts.

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Our process
  1. We generate, ruthlessly screen and live test ideas
  2. We bring our world class alliances in funding, deep tech and talent acquisition to deploy resources and carefully selected growth teams into validated ventures…readying them for scale

Our portfolio

Our sweet spot is ‘globally scalable ventures which matter’. We’re not into pet photo apps. We don’t do mining, industry or biology. We love tech enabled ventures which add value to people’s lives, wherever they are on the planet.

At any time we keep up to fifty ideas under construction. Our current portfolio of concepts focuses on where technology drives valuable intersections of the following principles and trends:

  • Improved access to critical services & expertise
  • Networking & people connection
  • Maximizing utility of assets & other resources
  • Distributed & remote working
  • Data driven insight & Artificial Intelligence
  • Capacity management for both time & physical space

View examples of our current projects here.

For investors

Become a Cometseed investor and get early access to the full stable of ventures we’re working on. Investment opportunities from R500k

Get first rights to invest in subsequent raises. Focus in on the ventures which interest you the most.

Alternatively, select one of our ventures to be the sole seed investor.

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For entrepreneurs

We don’t buy into existing businesses, but we do work with creative entrepreneurs with cool concepts in the following ways:

  • We buy ideas which we validate. You earn royalties and an upfront fee for your idea.
  • You can pay us to take your idea through our lean validation engine. You will receive a packaged, market validated venture ready to raise growth capital.

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More about us

After years of success igniting great businesses as an informal private network of entrepreneurs, investors and technologists, Cometseed brings together the best of these alliances and insights…

Who we are

General contacts

Tel. +27 21 813 6417



Operating out of Cape Town and London


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